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Embracing OER Institutionwide

A new study finds that open educational resources are a big hit with some community college students and faculty, but that these textbook alternatives won't reach their full potential until administrators embrace them.

Courseware Designed
to Close Equity Gaps

Coalitions of companies, colleges and research groups, funded by Gates, will develop digital courses especially aimed at improving learning outcomes for underrepresented students in gateway statistics and chemistry courses.

6 Tips for Teaching Online
and In Person Simultaneously

Amy E. Crook and Travis W. Crook outline strategies to promote meaningful engagement for online students while at the same time providing a rich face-to-face learning environment.

Stacking the Deck in Support of Online Education

Seeking a level playing field in assessing the quality of virtual and remote courses.

UNC’s $97 Million Plan
to Reach Adult Online Learners

University of North Carolina will create an internal unit to build and manage online programs from the system’s 17 campuses for learners largely ignored by many universities.


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