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The Skinny on Teaching Evals
and Bias

New analysis seeks to make sense of what's really going on with respect to gender and other kinds of bias and teaching evaluations. It offers suggestions for meaningful evaluations during COVID-19 and beyond.

Zoombombing Often an ‘Inside Job’

Research suggests that attackers who disrupted online classes often did so at the invitation and encouragement of students in those same classes -- which instructors need to know if they want to guard against noxious interruptions.

The Power of Positive Thinking

Faculty members who saw the shift to online learning as an opportunity were less likely to feel burned out or receive poor ratings on their teaching.

Show Them You Care

Michel Estefan suggests four ways to help build supportive in-person or online classrooms that generate equity among students.

Professors Assess Fall Instruction
and the Impact on Students

Survey of 850 instructors in introductory college courses finds professors to be exhausted, more confident in virtual learning -- and deeply concerned about the ability of disadvantaged students to continue their studies.


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