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Student Voice is a news hub spotlighting the student perspective on higher education. This collaboration, is presented by Kaplan in association with Inside Higher Ed and College Pulse.

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Welcome. We invite you to click on any of the following links to access specific report data. This data is available for FREE and open to the public. For each topic, you can:

  • View the specific survey questions and detailed results
  • Segment answers by university type, race, political leaning and more

Universities, colleges, for-profit businesses and non-profit organizations are invited to use this data to benchmark their own student surveys and to inform strategic initiatives. To read about the survey methodology, click here.

If you use this data for publication, please provide the following citation: Student Voice is made possible by Inside Higher Ed and College Pulse, with support from project sponsor Kaplan. Please note: Access to raw data for further study is not currently available.

2022 Surveys

First-Generation Student Success

Campus Safety and Security

Student Views on Faculty

Current State of Mental Health

Spotlight on Admissions

Financial Wellness

Students Feeling Understood

2021 Surveys

Fall 2021 in Review

Academic Integrity Actions

Mentor Connections

Pandemic-Era Career Prep

Data Privacy Awareness

Student Policy Perspectives

Student Success Beyond COVID

Student Health

Racial Justice and Equality

Mental Health Perceptions

Learning from COVID

Student Influence on Campus

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