Student Ideas for Academic Integrity

Suggestions from students who were surveyed about why cheating occurs about how higher ed institutions can help prevent it.

December 14, 2021
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Even students who never would have cheated themselves on a course assignment or assessment likely know of others who cheat outright or engage in questionable behaviors—and have given some thought to why students do it. When 2,000 undergrads were asked an open-ended question about what might work to prevent cheating in October’s Student Voice survey, their ideas largely involved professor behaviors. Some respondents also suggested actions officials could take to make a difference campuswide.

The survey, conducted by Inside Higher Ed and College Pulse with support from Kaplan, offers a glimpse at academic integrity realities during the pandemic, a time that has put more attention on opportunities to cheat. But ideas for decreasing instances of cheating aren’t specific to this point in time.

Scroll down for some key data points from the survey and related observations and suggestions from respondents.

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