Why did Allegheny cut its Chinese program?


With little other information, the program’s lone tenured—now terminated—professor wonders if it’s about anti-Asian bias.

Xiaoling Shi, an Asian woman with dark hair wearing dangly earrings.

For-profit teacher-prep programs gain popularity and critics

For-profit “alternate route” teacher-preparation programs are gaining popularity. Some say they’re key to ending teacher shortages; others fear quality and retention will suffer.

A young woman teaches a class of students.

Under fire, Oberlin shifts gears on student health provider

After partnering with a Roman Catholic health-care system that said it wouldn’t provide students with birth control for contraception, Oberlin College abruptly changed course.

A demonstrator for reproductive rights holds up a sign saying "My body my choice."

COVID-19 masking policies for fall are all over the place


COVID-19 masking policies for fall are all over the place. Disability advocates worry about what it all means for diversity and inclusion, though U of Pittsburgh has negotiated a new way to accommodate high-risk faculty members.

Two people wearing masks confer.

U.S. mandates immediate public access for taxpayer-funded research

White House mandates free, immediate public access to government-funded research. Many open-access advocates celebrate the decision, but some scholars wonder who will fund the policy.

Illustration of a female figure using bolt cutters to cut a padlock on a large birdcage. Inside the cage is a lightbulb, illustrating the concept of knowledge.

Biden unveils big plan for $10,000 in debt relief and more

The president announced a plan expected to impact 95 percent of the 43 million federal student loan borrowers. Democrats call the announcement a win for low- and middle-income Americans. Republicans question its legality.

President Biden stands behind a podium in the Roosevelt Room in the White House, speaking. Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona stands to his left.

Public health backlash to Dr. Leana Wen talk on backlash

Members object to American Public Health Association’s speaker invite to Dr. Leana Wen, revealing deep divisions in the field over the COVID-19 response.

Dr. Leana Wen, an Asian woman with dark hair wearing a red jacket.

White nationalist enters historians' debate on presentism


History column leads to lockdown of American Historical Association’s Twitter account. What happened?

James Sweet, a white man with a graying goatee.

UC Santa Cruz grad student targeted for trans activism

U of California, Santa Cruz, faces online mobbing over a trans student’s controversial activism.

Eli Erlick's Twitter post, which says, Matt Walsh just released the contact info for my chancellor to his 1 million plus subscribers. He's threatening to protest at my university for refusing to adhere to unjust laws targeting trans youth.

Colleges report strong fundraising for fiscal year 2022

Many colleges have set fundraising records as fiscal year 2022 comes to a close. Experts note that higher ed philanthropy has boomed in recent years, even amid a pandemic.

Composed image of a blurry person touching an illustrated dollar sign.


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