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Graduate enrollment grew in 2020 despite pandemic

Enrollments rose in fall 2020 despite big drops in incoming international students. Gains among part-time and underrepresented minority students helped fuel the increase.


Ongoing shutdown means scrambled travel plans, collaboration for higher ed researchers

Prolonged shutdown delays funding timeline for federal research grants and disrupts travel plans for many scientists. But the worst for research institutions could be ahead.


EdX introduces support fee for free online courses

In its quest to find a sustainable business model, online course provider edX will test charging users for access to previously free content. Observers say the move was inevitable.


Report criticizes tax deduction that aids high-income grad students

A new report argues for letting a tax deduction that benefits high-earning grad students expire. It's part of a drumbeat of proposals to restrict federal benefits for graduate students.


House GOP higher education overhaul would cap graduate lending and end loan-forgiveness benefit

As Republicans in Congress look to change course on graduate lending policies, some higher education groups warn about limiting access and tougher paths to service-oriented careers.


Graduate students across country protest tax plan

At Penn and elsewhere, students organize “grade-ins” to show what they do and how House Republicans’ tax legislation could make it harder for them to make ends meet.


Black women graduate students enroll in higher numbers at for-profits

Consumer advocates are concerned by the relatively large proportion of black women graduate students who attend for-profits.


Study sees gender gaps in Ph.D. programs, by discipline and prestige


Study suggests that men are overrepresented in elite Ph.D. programs, especially in those fields heavy on math skills, making for segregation by discipline and prestige.


Graduate school group seeks a framework for master's degrees

With programs growing, graduate schools group tries to create a framework for curricula and expectations across diverse fields.


Berkeley grad students say they should have been told their professor was being investigated for sexual harassment

Colleges don’t tell students that professors are being investigated for -- or even had been found guilty of -- harassment. Berkeley grad students demand change in this practice.



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