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Berklee College of Music defies conventional wisdom with low-price online program

Most institutions charge students the same or more for online programs than for face-to-face. Berklee has found success with a pricing model that favors online students.

Examining bluegrass’s move from hollers to university halls

Article sets off debate on whether a roots genre from Appalachia risks its authenticity when colleges study and teach it.


If you want to understand college affordability, watching "The House" may not help

In a twist on the college film, Will Ferrell and Amy Poehler portray parents in need of money to pay their daughter’s college tuition. Don’t expect discussion of 529 plans or free tuition states.


Colleges face challenges when producing historical theater

Native American walkout from the University of Wyoming’s production of The Fantasticks illustrates challenges facing college drama.


College apologizes for recruiting to its pep band by attacking music majors

Many music majors and music lovers were offended by Goldey-Beacom's mailing to high school students that said, "Heading off to college to major in music? Well, good luck with that!"


Salem State University, facing criticism from minority students, shutters art exhibit on election

Salem State invited artists to create works inspired by election. Several paintings, created by critics of Trump, were intended to draw attention to oppression. But minority students were offended -- and university shuttered exhibit.


Kennesaw State orders museum to remove are on racist past of woman whose land was given to university


Kennesaw State U. orders museum to kill installation dealing with land -- donated to the university -- that was homestead of woman who was an apologist for lynching.


Professor of art history receives handwritten apology from President Obama

President sends handwritten note affirming his respect for art history, and expressing regret over a recent quip about the discipline.


Obama becomes latest politician to criticize a liberal arts discipline

President joins the ranks of politicians who suggest liberal arts disciplines don't lead to jobs.


Experts Say Academics Are Timid About Fair Use Laws

A new report from the College Art Association says that artists and art historians have real and perceived concerns about fair use laws. Experts say other kinds of academics do, too.


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