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Colleges report strong fundraising for fiscal year 2022

Many colleges have set fundraising records as fiscal year 2022 comes to a close. Experts note that higher ed philanthropy has boomed in recent years, even amid a pandemic.

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College endowments boomed in fiscal year 2021, study shows

The average endowment’s size increased by 35 percent, leaving 19 percent of institutions with endowments worth more than $1 billion. But experts say few students benefited from that growth.


Giving to colleges grew by 7 percent in fiscal 2021

Alumni giving is on the rise. So is the share of charitable gifts with no strings attached, thanks largely to the billions MacKenzie Scott donated to HBCUs, tribal colleges and community colleges.


Colleges cash in on NFTs as a new fundraising mechanism

NFT philanthropy is on the rise. Even if a college or university doesn’t want to auction its own NFTs, they should be ready to receive the cryptocurrency donations that result from the sales.


Colleges announce capital campaigns after pandemic hiatus

During the pandemic, fundraising mainly supported emergency funds to keep students healthy and enrolled in college. This fall, colleges are unveiling broad capital campaigns that they’d put on hold.


Wealthy colleges see double-digit returns in fiscal 2021

Private equity and venture capital performed especially well in fiscal year 2021, causing the largest university endowments to swell.


Foundation provides millions for equity in the liberal arts

The Schuler Education Foundation plans to give $500 million to up to 25 liberal arts colleges -- including Bates, Carleton and Union -- to expand access for underserved students.


Tufts will remove Sackler name from medical campus, drawing rebuke from Purdue Pharma's owners

Tufts will remove the name of a family closely linked to opioids from its medical campus as it releases a report on decades of donations. Family's lawyer calls the decision "intellectually dishonest," but fundraising experts see needed reckoning with the past.


Growing needs and changing demographics strain college fund-raising

Colleges with increasingly diverse student bodies are recognizing that development staff members remain overwhelmingly white.


Pitt moves to rename building of public health school, which honors disgraced scientist


After extensive study, Pitt moves to change name of building that houses its public health program -- a name that currently honors the U.S. surgeon general who oversaw the Tuskegee experiment.



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