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From 3 struggling public colleges, a new university emerges

Enrollment declines, state underfunding and structural deficits created a crisis in Vermont’s college system. Rather than close campuses, a statewide hybrid institution aims to cut costs and build long-term legislative backing.


New Jersey university faces scrutiny amid financial emergency

Governor Phil Murphy has called for an investigation into New Jersey City University's dramatic change in financial standing, which led NJCU to declare a financial emergency.


College Endowment Returns Down in New Report

New data shows college endowment returns are down after a banner year in 2021. Experts say the returns says more about a difficult year for the market than investment strategies.


Campuses try to alleviate student, staff inflation woes

Some higher ed institutions are working to ease financial burdens on students and employees as the cost of food, gas and basic essentials continues to rise.

Two dark-skinned women wearing blue shirts hold bags of groceries and stand in front of shelves of canned food.

New Jersey's Drew U faces off with its town over land sale

Drew University has accused Madison, N.J., officials, in a legal filing, of acting in bad faith by preventing the sale of university land.

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Ransomware attacks against higher ed increase

Colleges and universities experienced a surge in ransomware attacks in 2021, and those attacks had significant operational and financial costs, according to a new report.

A graphic of one person handing money to another person, who is giving the first person a key, symbolizing paying ransom after a cyberattack.

Hiring woes loom large at business officers' conference

Recruiting and retention challenges are hitting colleges, according to numerous panels at the National Association of College and University Business Officers conference.

A woman places a red "Help Wanted" sign in a window.

Failed attempt at merger kills San Francisco Art Institute

San Francisco Art Institute ceases operations after an effort to merge into University of San Francisco is rejected.

The Diego Rivera fresco shows workers on scaffolding in front of a larger painted image of a man.

Tuition held steady during the pandemic, but now it's climbing


College tuition largely held steady during the pandemic. Now rampant inflation is pushing tuition costs up, with some institutions approving steep increases unseen since the recession of 2008.

An illustration of arrows pointing up at dollar signs, over a background of financial figures.

GAO takes moderate stance on online program management firms


Eagerly awaited U.S. review of companies that manage colleges’ online academic programs urges more Education Department scrutiny but doesn’t appear to significantly threaten revenue-sharing deals.

The Government Accountability Office sign at its office in Washington, D.C., with white lettering on a black background.


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