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Understanding enrollment declines and what's ahead: Key podcast


Two national experts explore why community colleges have lost students, whether and when enrollments are likely to start climbing again, and how institutions should respond.

Joe Garcia, a white man with a goatee, and Nate Johnson, a bald white man with glasses.

Understanding today's and tomorrow's learners and their mind-sets

As most colleges see their historical pool of students shrink, here’s a framework for understanding what motivates potential learners from 16 to 65 and what they want from institutions.

Why is mindset-based segmentation important? Slide shows Ozzy Osbourne and Prince Charles and compares the ways they are similar and different.

Direct admissions takes off with individual colleges

At West Texas A&M, at Minnesota’s colleges and with the Common App, colleges are dropping applications as a requirement to be admitted.

NSC report shows total enrollment down by 4.1 percent

New data from the National Student Clearinghouse Research Center show total enrollment declined 4.1 percent since last spring. Community colleges are once again the sector hit the hardest.

Students wearing masks are spread out in the seats of a lecture hall, with empty seats between them.

ACT says high school GPAs are rising

ACT says grades are rising. But a testing critic says ACT is exaggerating the problem.

Transfer student enrollment continued to fall last year

A new study finds that transfer enrollment from two- to four-year institutions dropped precipitously across all demographics and institutions. The consequences could be stark for underserved students.

A student walking to class at Glendale Community College in Arizona.

Survey: Student college choices both practical and strategic

Current admissions and enrollment decision making and desires involve common-sense thinking on location, price and flexibility throughout the process.

Calif. legislation aims to lift UC Berkeley's enrollment cap

Changing how the California Environmental Quality Act applies to colleges could lift an enrollment cap at UC Berkeley. Legislators want to fast-track a solution before the university loses students.

Challenges persist for formerly incarcerated students


The stigma of incarceration often complicates admissions, membership in academic organizations and professional licensure, restricting individuals for years after their release from prison.


Will test optional become the new normal in admissions?

As more colleges embrace the practice for a few years—or permanently—the debate is changing.


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