Teacher shortage tied to education programs' enrollment drop

Education colleges and teacher preparation programs are creating new incentives to lure students, hoping to reverse years of enrollment declines and fill classroom vacancies.

A primary school teacher stands at the front of a classroom. On the whiteboard behind her, assignments are written down in curly handwriting.

Competitive Midwestern private colleges go white minority

Highly competitive private colleges follow public colleges in California and private colleges in the Northeast with classes in which white Americans are a minority.

Lynn U gains students by focusing on students, not their scores

Lynn University finds that the personal focus of its admissions program works. New student enrollment is up 59 percent in the last 10 years.

University confirms cyberattack after weeks of rumors


For three weeks, Whitworth University stayed mostly mum about network and website outages, prompting speculation about ransomware and frustrating professors and students. Wednesday it acknowledged a cyberattack.

A webpage with the Whitworth University logo and four links—one each for “general information,” “prospective students,” “new and returning students,” and “alumni and parents.”

Trine U attracts students to traditional and new offerings

It’s filling up its class with traditional-age students—and also pushing international graduate students into two other campuses.

Part-time readers grow with applications

Institutions with surging applications find that they can't manage them all without help. Some admissions leaders worry about the trend, but most accept it.

Can a high school teacher ruin an applicant's chances?

A teacher revoked a letter of recommendation. Others at the high school disagreed (and quit in protest). The University of Pennsylvania rejected the applicant.

Building sale, remote work helped Pa. system redesign

The Pennsylvania state higher ed system sold off the building that housed the chancellor’s office and made the former occupants remote workers. The move was a reflection of system leaders’ attempts to innovate and adjust to new workplace realities.

Map of the PASSHE system, showing campus locations throughout the state.

Understanding enrollment declines and what's ahead: Key podcast


Two national experts explore why community colleges have lost students, whether and when enrollments are likely to start climbing again, and how institutions should respond.

Joe Garcia, a white man with a goatee, and Nate Johnson, a bald white man with glasses.

Small changes in tours yield a real impact at U of Lynchburg

A series of small changes in tours yields impact at University of Lynchburg.


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