Why did Allegheny cut its Chinese program?


With little other information, the program’s lone tenured—now terminated—professor wonders if it’s about anti-Asian bias.

Xiaoling Shi, an Asian woman with dark hair wearing dangly earrings.

History hiring in the pandemic

New report from the American Historical Association shows that job ads, a proxy for faculty hiring, declined dramatically in 2020–21 but have started to rebound. The long-term outlook remains sobering.

Bar charts showing tenure-track, non-tenure-track, and other history job listings over the years.

Under fire, Oberlin shifts gears on student health provider

After partnering with a Roman Catholic health-care system that said it wouldn’t provide students with birth control for contraception, Oberlin College abruptly changed course.

A demonstrator for reproductive rights holds up a sign saying "My body my choice."

COVID-19 masking policies for fall are all over the place


COVID-19 masking policies for fall are all over the place. Disability advocates worry about what it all means for diversity and inclusion, though U of Pittsburgh has negotiated a new way to accommodate high-risk faculty members.

Two people wearing masks confer.

Claremont McKenna denies professor's account of censorship

A professor at Claremont McKenna accuses it of violating his academic freedom, but the college pokes holes in his story. Beyond these competing narratives, how should colleges respond to student complaints about professors quoting racial slurs in class?

Christopher Nadon, a white man with dark hair wearing glasses.

Biden unveils big plan for $10,000 in debt relief and more

The president announced a plan expected to impact 95 percent of the 43 million federal student loan borrowers. Democrats call the announcement a win for low- and middle-income Americans. Republicans question its legality.

President Biden stands behind a podium in the Roosevelt Room in the White House, speaking. Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona stands to his left.

From 3 struggling public colleges, a new university emerges

Enrollment declines, state underfunding and structural deficits created a crisis in Vermont’s college system. Rather than close campuses, a statewide hybrid institution aims to cut costs and build long-term legislative backing.


American U staff strike for higher wages

Unionized staff at the D.C. university went on strike Monday after contract negotiations reached an impasse. Strikers say stagnant wages have made retention difficult and living in the city infeasible.

Striking staff members in purple shirts hold signs that say "Change can't wait."

CEO of Manchester Community College wins job back

After Nicole Esposito was removed as CEO of Manchester Community College, she sued the Connecticut State system for gender discrimination. Now she’s won her job back.

Nicole Esposito, a white woman with chin-length dark hair and glasses.

White nationalist enters historians' debate on presentism


History column leads to lockdown of American Historical Association’s Twitter account. What happened?

James Sweet, a white man with a graying goatee.


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